Who is the little Juliana?

Juliana of Cornillon is a great Saint from Liege. She was born in 1192 in Retinne, in Belgium. When she was a child, she lived a very beautiful story of friendship with Jesus. Adult, she became a nun and prioress of the convent of Cornillon, nearby Liege. She is best known for having promoted the Corpus Christi; one of his friends became Pope and established this feast at the level of the universal Church. An illustrated children's book has been published and tells the whole story. Benedict XVI has mentioned the story of Juliana on November 17, 2010.

What is the Corpus Christi?

It is a feast that celebrates the Presence of Jesus in the world under the guise of His Body and His Blood, His Real Presence in the Bread and Wine in the Eucharist. It is also called "Feast of the Blessed Sacrament." It is celebrated on the Thursday or Sunday after the Feast of the Trinity, usually in June, when the light is at its brightest. Thanks to Juliana, the Pope instituted this feast in 1264.

What is this website for?

We invite you to discover the world of Juliana with your children, the cartoon, DIY and diverse activities we propose. The website was created especially for children who wish to awaken or deepen their faith and grow in friendship with Jesus. They can learn more about the small Juliana, the first communion and Corpus Christi.

What kind of activities do you offer?

Many tools to grow in faith while being entertained.

For children:

Children can have fun with the online games or the free printable games that are adapted to their level and own pace. They can learn with the small catechism and learn more about Juliana through a cartoon.

For families:

A wonderful family hike of about 11 km is proposed in the hometown of Julienne, on paths across the green valley of the Julienne river which originates in Retinne, her birthplace, and opens into the Meuse, after having irrigated the beautiful "ponds of Julienne" that are lined with the famous playground.
You want to take a time of prayer with your children? Many texts are available.

For parents, religions teachers and catechists moms:

We invite you to download our small catechism, very modest but very joyful, at the image of Juliana; it will accompany your children in the discovery of faith. For children who are preparing to receive First Communion and others – the small catechism will help big and small kids to grow in friendship with Jesus, the Bread of Life.

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