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Greetings to our little friends

In our diocese of Liège – it is in Belgium – Juliana of Cornillon (near Liège) is a well-known Saint. You children who live outside Belgium, do you also know her?

You certainly know the Corpus Christi and the procession of the Blessed Sacrament. Juliana has worked for this feast to be celebrated. It is already a long long time ago. This website will tell you the story of Juliana. I am always delighted to see how God does great works with the support of small and simple people. You will be amazed to see how we came to celebrate Corpus Christi. So, I wish you much fun watching the colourful and cheerful images from the book and the internet as well as read his beautiful texts.

The first procession of the Blessed Sacrament for the Corpus Christi took place in Cologne. Thus, Liege in Belgium and Cologne in Germany are two cities separated by 100 kilometres where the presence of Jesus in the consecrated Bread is particularly celebrated.

I greet you in all friendliness from Liege

+ Aloys Jousten
Bishop of Liège


Jacques Galloy

Jacques Galloy is married and has five children aged from 5 to 18 years. His interest for the little Juliana backs long ago. "I come from the South side of the valley of the river of Julienne, a relative gave me a book on Saint Juliana, an exciting book from 1934. I was very touched by the story of this little girl of our region, very young parentless and finally at the base of one of the biggest feast of the Church. I asked myself first, how I should explain to our children and let this extraordinary story be more actual. On the other hand, I asked myself why we do not talk more of this beautiful true story within the preparation for first communion in Liege and elsewhere. The project of this book and website just started like that! " Jacques Galloy is currently responsible for the Youth of the Emmanuel Community in Belgium and CFO in a group of IT solutions for television.


Anne Junker is a young illustrator / graphic designer, born in 1989. She studied at Saint Luc in Liege. For her, it has been great fun to illustrate the adventures of Juliana of Cornillon. "I like to draw her world using simple lines and bright colours. I hardly knew the little Juliana before receiving Jacques’ proposal. She taught me a lot: I loved to discover her story and create a face for this famous Saint of Liege."

Anne Junker

Both authors are happy to have been able to implement this project together. Today, the book ' Little Juliana and the Bread of Life ' travels through France, Switzerland, Belgium, Slovenia, Austria and Germany. The Flemish and Spanish versions will be published soon! "